The She Entrepreneurs Scholarship Program

Women education in this modern era is a delicate issue, which the world at large is picking interest in. In varying cultures and societies across the globe, women are being denied access to education because they feel the women should not be educated like the men, thus should be uneducated and remain submissive to the […]

Justus & Louise van Effen Scholarship for Master’s Degree Programs – €950 / Month

With one of the largest campuses in the world, Delft University of Technology welcomes thousands of students each year, offering them excellent opportunities to study and innovate technology through master’s and bachelor’s degree programs. The TU Delft Library is one of the most important technological and scientific information centers in the country. The Delft University […]

£28,750 Wolfson Annual Scholarship for Postgraduate Degree – UK, 2019

Students applying for graduate programs in Humanities at the University of Warwick can obtain the Wolfson Scholarship, which consists of £ 28,750 for tuition fees and an annual sum of £ 24,403 for education and living costs. To be eligible, students must apply for a full-time or part-time graduate degree program in Languages, History or […]

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