$6,000 Online Master of Arts in Education

The University of Exeter offers an online education program, for the students of the UE, UK and the Channel islands they offer a global excellence scholarship amounting up to 6,000$. The online education program will start on January 2019, all subject will be taught in the English language. The online course for the MA Education […]

$500 Online Bachelor’s degree for Nursing

Bachelor’s degree in nursing online course program are one of the best options for students who want to become a registered nurse in the future while being active on their daily schedules. Learn.Org provides a scholarship for the students who will take this online course for the academic year of 2019. The flexibility and convenience […]

20% Tuition Online Nursing Scholarships for Postgrads – 2019

A reduction in the enrollment rate of 20% is being offered to nursing students around the world through the online Edith Cowan University Education. Students can learn and want to study in the comfort of their homes through online education. Edith Cowan University is an accredited online university, which receives a scholarship and can follow […]

$ 6,000 MBA Scholarships Online

The University of Saint Leo offers the opportunity of online education in the online education MBA scholarships of Saint Leo University. This online education program equates to a savings of up to $ 6,000 on the online course of a qualified student program. All citizens of the United States are invited to request this program. […]

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