Student Grants

College educations has become more and more expensive in the last 30 years. There is no surprise then that more and more students apply for free college grants and scholarships. Unlike student loans, which can take years to pay back, free college grants are non refundable sums of money that help students pay for their expenses. Some free college grants or scholarships cover both the tuition taxes and the living costs, others cover a part of the tuition. A part of them are offered by governments, like the Fulbright Program in USA or Endeavour  Postgraduate Leadership Awards in Australia, others are offered by universities directly, like Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford in UK or TU Delft Excellence Scholarships in Netherlands.

As scholarships are quite competitive, it is natural that not all students applying for them will obtain them. What options do these students have? Fortunately, they can opt for online degree programs or distance learning courses, which are usually cheaper. Many online universities also offer scholarships in the form of tuition discount for those students who need financial aid. Most online degree programs are recognized officially, but in order to make sure you enroll to one of them, you must first search for accredited schools online. Finding accredited schools online will help you also find the online degree programs which can get you a valuable and recognized diploma. Accredited schools online are schools evaluated and verified by official institutions, so that their distance learning courses comply with different quality criteria.

One of the most attractive type of degree offered by online universities is the associate degree online. Attending to an associate degree online program takes only two years usually and it is an easy way to a career. Computer science, accountancy or healthcare associate degree online programs are among the most popular ones.

If you are not convinced yet that distance learning courses are right for you, you can enroll to free online courses and see how they are like.

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