Top Universities in Canadian Provinces – 2019

The QS made an evaluation of universities around the world and came up with the QS Top World Institutions in 2019. This list ranked three Canadian universities in top 50, up to ten more in top global 300 best institutions; all these were ranked based on factors which took into consideration, the ratings of the institutions among students, employers and academics. Plus, other elements such as the research impact of the institution.

But we are narrowing down the list to Canada’s top institution – province by province. Read on to see where your favorite institution is positioned.

Ontario’s Best Institutions in 2019

Ontario is a province in Canada and it hosts more than a third of the top higher institutions in Canada. Moreover, it accommodates over 38% of Canada’s populace hence it is the considered the most populous province in Canada. Toronto and Ottawa are the base locations of four top institutions found in the ‘Global Best 50 Institutions’ list. Here is the list of the top higher institution you can find in Ontario, Canada:

  1. The University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is widely known for it’s successful research advances; having been the origin of the research on stem cell and insulin. It is currently the number one institution in the whole of Canada, and the 28th worldwide. It certainly takes a lot if efforts to hit this spot on the list.

  • McMaster University

The McMaster University was founded in 1887, and based in Hamilton. The name was taken from a Canadian banker and senator who was quite prominent in his time. He willed up to C$900,000 to the establishment of the institution hence the name – McMaster University. This institution is currently ranked 146th worldwide and second in Ontario, Canada.

  • The University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is jointly ranked with the National Tsing Hua University based in Taiwan at 163rd positon in global ranking. Waterloo University is famous for it’s co-op program, which lets students to participate in relevant professional experiences whilst learning.

  • Western University

This university is formerly named the University of Western Ontario. It is ranked 214th worldwide. The Western University is a recognized participant of the U15. U15 is the name of the group of Canadian’s top 15 research-intensive institutions.

  • Queen’s University

Queen occupies large hectares of land in Ontario – something worth boasting of actually. It is located in Kingston, and currently ranked on 239 in the 2019 global university ranking.

The University of Ottawa

The best university in the capital of Canada is the University of Ottawa. It is placed as the 289th globally. With over 40,000 students, it is considered the world’s largest bilingual higher school.

  • York University

The York University is considered Canada’s best film school. Currently ranked at 481 in world global university list.

  • University of Guelph

The University of Guelph is famous for its offering of veterinary science courses to students from around the world. It is ranked 7th in Ontario, Canada.

  • Carleton University

This institution is based in Ottawa, Canada. In Canada, it is ranked as 22nd best higher institution of learning. In our next post, we will list out the best Quebec-based universities in Canada. Let’s get down for some research to give you a comprehensive list of the best you can get in Quebec.

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