$6,000 Online Master of Arts in Education

The University of Exeter offers an online education program, for the students of the UE, UK and the Channel islands they offer a global excellence scholarship amounting up to 6,000$. The online education program will start on January 2019, all subject will be taught in the English language. The online course for the MA Education is an inventive program intended to furnish you with the abilities to prevail in a wide assortment of online education settings. It offers rich educational programs analyzing hypothesis, research, strategy, and practice in the field of Education, and gives a remarkable student understanding.

Being an MA student, you will pick up an understanding into showing procedures and methods for molding the future education. At the core of the program is a comprehension of learning as a mind-boggling and dynamic process. This comprehension is reflected in the use of teaching, learning and evaluation methodologies intended to help collective and dialogic learning.

The online course for MA Education is additionally suitable for students with restricted related knowledge however with an interest in education and its issues, and who are looking for work advancement in an extensive variety of educational settings. This program can essentially improve your future career and advancement prospects by helping you to wind up a more successful and innovative teacher.

The master’s degree online is a 100 percent online delivered in a virtual learning environment, students can download the free courses, materials in anytime. The modules of this master’s degree online is also delivered via email which includes the lectures, written assignments and discussions. Students will be completing a four core modules, each modules is worth of 30 credits and you can select a two options to exactly gain the 180 credits needed to complete the MA programs.

The University of Exeter Online are proud to provide a world-class faculty staff’s and the curriculums. Upon completing this program, the graduates will be equipped by a knowledge and skills that they need in order to be successful and for their future employment. The progress or the leadership roles with the variety of job with an educational merit.

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  2. Please i need scholarship to complete my studies,i am full time student from Namibian, doing a PhD in public health.

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    Saye Domason Gbeakeh

  10. Hi,
    I am currently working with PNG St. John Ambulance with a grade 12 & Certificate in Accounting but I really like to go as far as degree to doctorate level of education.
    So with your scholarship online programs I believe will help me a lot but I really need your help in giving me accurate information.
    I would like to do my Diploma in Accounting than Advance diploma & degree. So please give me the accurate information.

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