$500 Bachelor’s Degree in Communications

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree program in Communications a good preparation for the generation’s career change, headway or graduate education while at the same time giving individual enhancement. The program investigates the different parts of creating, transmitting and analyzing messages which stream among people, gatherings, associations, and social orders. The students may concentrate on interchanges courses identifying with oral correspondences and additionally broad communications interchanges. The students build up an expansive general information of the liberal arts disciplines while building up a more noteworthy profundity of learning in Communications.

$500 amount offered by the Learn.org for the students who will take up this online Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. They will provide a financial assistance for those students who are interested in pursuing an online education in a part-time or full-time. Some online university offers a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts and it will depend on whether you will take up the humanities or some foreign language to your online course or concentrate on the advance communications topics like the feature writing or the copy writing techniques. The degree completion are available, some online university caters the students with the technical experiences in the information technology or some for the professional experiences. The communication program will cover the writings and the strategies as well the modern technologies that will make digital platform possible.

On this online education, students will be having an online discussion forums, video lectures and they will email the course content. To access all the materials, students must make sure to have a stable internet service and a software plug-ins like the real player or the quick time. All of the program for this course will entirely completed online. Other university offers an internship for this field. The coursework for this communication program typically includes the topics in public speaking, rhetoric, interpersonal communication, public relations and the argumentations. You may also take advance courses in the different areas in related to the course such as technical writing, web page development, and news writing articles.

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  1. Will it happen Really because most of online scholarships seems to be unreal due to some stuffs if so then sorry and it\’s a real then you will need to help people who are in need thanks

  2. Fully funded,i have BA degree in chemical engineering,i have an interest in master degree for that department with fully funded case,b/ce i donot have enough money.

  3. Hello Sir /Madam
    I really interested to this scholarship. Please help me to access this.
    And how I can register for bachelor degree?
    And which country is this?
    Wish you all the best.

  4. Hello, am Emma Polememba from Papua New Guinea.
    I am a science student, and I wanted to study nursing.
    Would you kindly please consider me as one of your candidate.
    Your quick response will highly appreciate.
    Kind Regards.
    Emma Polememba

  5. I will highly appreciate your consideration that I want to be a part.
    Thanks for so much information

  6. I have been declared a winner severally but I have not been able to claim or lay hold of this scholarship. Please come to my rescue

  7. Need this Scholaship to study Electronic communications and information Technology.

    Thank you very much.

  8. This is quite awesome, I need it but I don\’t have a stable internet connection as described above,, internet services are quite expensive in Malawi and I don\’t know how much it may cost for a single lecture

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