$15,000 to Transfer Students Scholarships – Augustana University, 2019

College education or a specific bachelor degree program is not an easy task to just jump into these day. Sometimes, studying at the university you thought you liked to get your degree does not go as planned. You may end up not liking college degree programs and do not find the one that fits your needs. College education can be complicated and unpredictable. You thought you wanted to study and spend the next four years on a campus, but things and decisions change. You may be motivated to look for transfer programs at other universities with high reputation and university rankings.

In addition, you want to look for colleges that are welcoming and welcoming to transfer students. This could be difficult to find since most schools have strict guidelines and standards when it comes to accepting students transferred from different types of universities in the country. Fortunately, there are some colleges that are welcoming transfer students and would be willing to schedule an appointment for reconsideration.

At the University of Augustana, transfer students are welcome to apply and consider different degree programs of which they could be a part of the university. Definitely, it is a privilege to obtain your university degree from one of the most recognized universities in the country. Experience your university education in an environment in which you feel comfortable, so consider a stay at the Augustana University or “Augie”, as your students will call it, definitely worth considering and try to enter their university studies programs. The University of Augustana is home to a wide range of liberal arts programs that could help students who prefer a bachelor’s degree in that field.

If you are a student who wishes to transfer to Augustana University, you are lucky because Augie is offering scholarships to transfer students under your Augustana Transfer Scholarship. The university is offering between $ 5,000 and $ 15,000 in cash per year to selected transfer students with an impressive academic reputation and reputation. This is your chance to impress the Admissions Office on your academic performance and volunteer work in your high school years. However, being one of the most selective colleges in the state, Augustana University is requesting to send applications one semester before for transferred students. In addition, to schedule a meeting with the Head of Admissions to review your classification and academic performance. If you are interested and looking for more details, visit the official Augustana grant website.

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81 thoughts on “$15,000 to Transfer Students Scholarships – Augustana University, 2019

    leave in Uganda, I offered BCA/SUB-MTC.

  2. Am kwashie Elikplim and have read a lot about this institution. Am very much interested in taking up something in pharmacy technician, am from Ghana ( +233 0268787800 )

  3. I am sulamita from Windhoek Namibia.. I am very much interested in taking up chattered accounting or a degree in accounting

  4. Hello! I\’m koulibali tchefigue yefehe from the ivory coast and student at University Alassane Ouatara of bouake. I\’m writing you to make you know i need this scholarship. I also need your help in order to realise my dream.

  5. Hello i hope my message finds you well.I am from Zimbabwe.My wish is to have full time scholarship to study Bachelor of Technology Honours degree in Information Technology on Campus.Your support will be greatly appreciated

  6. Hello my name is Nosim , am from Tanzania. My wish is to pursue aeronautical engineering. With a full scholarship ill reach my dreams successfully

  7. Hello my name is Edna Masheka from Zambia and I wish to study barchelors degree in medicine and surgery at any university outside Zambia your help will be highly appreciated.

  8. I am Edith D Sirleaf from Liberia,and I\’m highly interested in this scholarship in order to pursue my study. I\’m interested in studying business accounting..

  9. Hey Sir!
    This is great!
    Iam currently living in South Sudan and I really need bursary to complete my bachelor in Nutrition.
    I have done Diploma in Human Nutrition and would like to upgrade but I do not have financial support to cover all the expenses!
    So I hope you give me abroad scholarship.
    Many thanks!

  10. I am Odur Charles, I have been taken for bachelor of medicine and surgery in kabale university in Uganda .
    I am requesting for scholarship

  11. Good day,I\’m firdaws Umar civil engineering graduate, I want to further my education to masters degree.Your assistance will be greatly appreciated,thank you.

  12. hi am from Ethiopia I need this scholarship plc help me am first year matimatics student in gonder university and am good score

  13. hi i am Muhammad Younis i need this scholarship because i am very poor students. i am 11st year ics sutudent in punjab daanish school fazil pur. and i will get good marks

  14. Hey am Paul Bakkabulindi from Uganda. I hold a diploma in mass communication but I would like to upgrade to a bachelor\’s degree. Thank you

  15. I am in Kenya I need bursary to fund my Education . I take Education(Bachellor Arts) – Okeyo Evance MOUNT KENYA UNIVERSITY

  16. Hi my name is Joseph changwe from zambia am doing clinical medicine in general diploma i would like to do a degree program provided you help if possible general medicine

  17. Hi my name is Clotilda Claudia Harry from Solomon Islands in Suth Pacific, serving law enforcement for 14 years, graduate certificate in Policing and intelligence studies, diploma in leadership and managemen/Dilpoma in Business studies.t, certificate iv in leadership and management at Australia pacific Technical College.

    Please fund me a full schorlaship to do Uni dual offer for degree in leadership and management and degree in Behavioural science(councelling and psychology0 in Queensland University which I\’m eligible to study upon pathway entry to degree studies level.

    I\’m a single mother of 3 kids, 1 kid in High school and 2 kids in Junior schools as well, children school fess very expensive.

    this schorlship offer to surport my studies will meant a lot to my country, people and families too in continoues and long life. meant a lot. much a lot.

    Please help me with a full schorlship to study at the University of Queensland, South Australia University or Melbourne University in Australia. or even Transfer me to Augustine University if possible.


    Clotilda Claudia Harry

    Clotilda Claudia Harry

  18. bonjour, je m’appelle NGULU KAIMA Dieudonne, je suis très intéressée par cette opportunité. je suis titulaire d\’un diplôme de License en NUTRITION ET DIETETIQUE. j\’ais besoin d\’une bource pour financer mes études en sciences agronomique à l\’université JOMO KENYATA.

  19. I am yhoannes from ethiopia.I want to get masters free scholarship by structural enginnering.I want to change my country and innovate something for the world.Please accept me.

  20. I am sifundza sibusiso Cyprian in Swaziland.please assist me with tuition fees. I am doing my diploma in general nursing

  21. my name is Alieu sahid Bangura form west Africa sierra Leone I am 19 years of age i like to study Bsc Business information technology

  22. I am ayenew nuru I want study networking.I awra amba Ethiopia.I\’m studying electrical engineering in degree program until June 2019.

  23. Hi my name is Jackson Y. Monboe, from Liberia I am interested in reading Development Administration at your university

  24. Sir,
    I hope the epistle of mine will fined the best of your health with fortunate to have your support. Previously i want to apply for getting admission but due some domestic problems and in those time i am suffering very touf time. Therefore, i was not reply at those time. Sir i want to apply for mster in international relationship. I am live in pakistan.

  25. Hi hope all is well with you. My name is Mariam from Kenya. I am a diploma holder and would love to continue with my studies and pursue my dreams but am afraid that is not possible due to financial problems. Kindly please help me.

  26. my name is yassine oulaarif form marrakesh morocco I am 26 years of age i`am developper of android and ios and i like to study more information technology.
    thank you

  27. Hi i am Rea Mae im looking for a scholarship grant.. Im taking up a hospitality management i know that im not a really smart but i am doing my best in every thing to not wasting the opportunity you gave..

  28. Hi I am John Maviso from Papua New Guinea and am much interested in pursuing my career in MBBS. Would be much appreciated if granted this scholarship.

  29. My name is Chilufya Mwewa, I would like to study Criminology. I Would be grateful if the this scholarship grant is allocated to me.

  30. I am Fabrice HIRWA from Rwanda, pursuing bachelor\’s program in university of Rwanda and I am in final year. Real to make my goal reality I want to study abroad but problems if financial capacity which is most limiting factor. My career is agriculture with more deep in animals science. I want to contribute to the livestock value chain in my society. Thanks .

  31. Hello my name is Abraham V. Sarnnor from Liberia and I wish to study barchelors degree in Agericultural Technology .

  32. Am Abigaba Brian Ugandan offered BCM/ICT. Requesting for a scholarship to do bachelors in medicine and surgery at any university

  33. I am really interested in study student of zoology department..I want to take help through scholarship ..I want to continue my study further

  34. Je suis Addisa Abdoul-Wadud en classe de Tle D au Lycée de garçons de Bingerville et je suis intéressé par votre université d\’excellence comment doit je procéder

  35. I am Austin Munkombwe , a Zambian. I would like to pursue Masters program in Education management and Administration or Masters in Adult education. Currently I have a degree in Adult Education. My biggest challenge I have right now is money. I don\’t have the money to enable me start the program. Please help.

  36. I an NYANDWI Jean Pierre now holding bacholor degree in education and I wish to continue my studies masters degree in special need education.

  37. I am Rahel Getachew from Ethiopia , I completed bachelor degree program in university of Ethiopia by electrical engineer and I wish further study for master program .

  38. Am Samia Seid from Ethiopia. Am interested for this scholarship because i had a dream to study abroad.I will be very grateful if you grant me this scholarship to continue my education in bachelor degree/Health program in a field of midwifery.

    Thank you so much for considering my application.

  39. Hello! Am magnifique from Rwanda am so much interested in computer science and technology with this scholarship,thank you do much!

  40. Am interested for this scholarship because i had a dream to study abroad.I will be very grateful if you grant me this scholarship to continue my education in bachelor degree/Health program in a field of midwifery.

    Thank you so much for considering my application.

  41. My name is faiza aziz. I live in pakistan. I have interested this scholarship. Please tell me process how I get this chance

  42. My name is Ronald Asomah from Ghana and I received an email that I qualify for a scholarship. please , I would like you to show me the next step to take immediately in order not to miss this advantage. Thank you.

  43. Hello my name is Prince K Miller from Liberia I ready need this Schalorships to study information technology with you.

  44. My name is sajjad hussain i have complete my M.Phil mathematics with cgpa 3.18or 72.44 % I AM Really interested in the PHD mathematics please help me

  45. I\’m Clotilda Claudia Harry from the Solomon Islands, Interested in Postgraduate diploma in leadership and management.

    Awaits your kind response.

  46. I am Jeremiah S. Konah from Liberia; I need this scholarship in order to persuade a Master degree in Public Health.I am a graduate of Cuttington University.
    I look forward hearing from your Admission office for acceptance.

  47. my name is ndicunguye innocent from Rwanda I am requesting full schoreship in medicine. please contact me on 0786552541 . +2560786552541

  48. I need full funded scholarship which may cover each and every costs concerning study purposes. Because I don\’t have money even if I have interested to study.

  49. Am name is namayengo suzan and l would like to get a scholarship but study from here in my country uganda, is it possible

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