Full Tuition for Graduate Programs at the University Of Warwick

Enrolling for university education has always been a privilege, unfortunately, in many countries. In many cases, enrollment rates are quite high and, therefore, they become prohibitive for many talented students who can earn a lot from this and who can also contribute a lot to social and scientific progress, through their work.

That’s why scholarships and grants were created. While STEM domains (science, math, technology and engineering) are favored today in terms of budget and career opportunities, students interested in humanities can find different forms of financial support. The University of Warwick offers this type of support to students interested in graduate studies (PhD) in history, cultural studies or philosophy.

The CADRE Scholarship (Center for Excellence in Doctoral Research in the Arts) is dedicated to students from the United Kingdom or the EU interested in a doctoral program in Arts and Humanities. The CADRE scholarships help students to carry out their doctoral projects in an interdisciplinary context.

The scholarship covers the tuition costs of the 3.5 years of study and also provides access to a series of opportunities, such as: participating in the annual Postgraduate Arts Research Festival, studying a new language and accessing a different file of the United Kingdom, receive personalized support to develop the academic skills necessary for future professional activities.

The domains for which this scholarship is available include French studies, German studies, Hispanic studies, film and television studies, art history, theater studies, Italian, English and comparative literary studies and philosophy. So, if any of these domains are of your interest and you have a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in them, this scholarship may be for you.

Deadline – The application process for the 2019-2020 academic year will open on October 8, 2018. You can find more information about this scholarship at this link.

Degree Type – Graduate degrees are also available online, especially master’s degrees.

If you have difficulty finding financial help for your college education, you may consider joining an accredited online university. Obtaining a university degree online is more affordable and more flexible than attending a traditional study program. The most important thing is to carefully choose the university to which you enroll: you must be an accredited university online, so that your diploma is recognized by other institutions. Some online universities also offer scholarships, which makes it even easier to obtain an online university degree. Whichever way you choose to continue your education, it is always important to find out as much as you can about the student grant before you forward your applications.

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106 thoughts on “Full Tuition for Graduate Programs at the University Of Warwick

  1. am intrested i would love to pursue a masters degree in project planning and implementation or public health.I have a bachelor\’s degree

  2. I am interested in this scholarship to continue my studies in civil engineering at master degree level. I have a Bsc in civil engineering.

  3. I wish to study Urban and Regional Planning in your school or any Urban planning course of study. Base on scholarship.
    Thanks, looking forward to your great help.

  4. please genthemen I need your scholarship program.in order to advance my education. am in Guinea Conakry but studied English and France. I want to do public administration along with agriculture.

  5. I finished my high school and I really want to apply for a degree at this university for accounting and finance or an engineering course

  6. I\’m Moses k Cooper Jr . A high school graduated, i \’m seeking a higher education from the out side world.if I may grant this opportunity\’s from u i m going to appreciate u a lot pls see reason to help.

  7. Please I will like and even love to study abroad for I have been dreaming as a kid to study outside Nigeria it will be a great thing of joy I pray that my request to study abroad by scholarship will be granted.Amen.

  8. please help me to get a scholarship, i have not means to pay my academic fees, the government of my country gives US no chance. if I need this grant because study is my life, Thank you

  9. i want to continue and finish my academic career but financially am down i completed HSC but i have no chance to continue and finish my set goal please , am in Uganda,Gulu province please your assistant i will appreciate the more

  10. My name is Ephrem Elias and l am graduated with Bsc. degree of COMPUTER SCIENCE and l want to study Computer security in Europe. please help me to study abroad!

  11. Am in Uganda I need to study Public Relations and Media management at your University and am a poor child from a war thoned area of Northern Uganda

  12. I am kouassi Koffi Noel a student in Master 1 from ivory coast I am interested in studying international relations in your country but I am not financially stable.

  13. I\’m an Undergraduate student seeking to further my education in Mechanical Engineering field. How can I apply for Scholarship like this?

  14. I have a bachelor\’s degree in Translation and would be glad if I am awarded a scholarship for further studies in the said programme. It is a passion which I cannot afford to neglect.

  15. this is something spacial. I deeply appreciate that you have choose me to be on of your favourite.

    I really need this cup to be on favour. I need this scholarship to change my living

  16. i am a poor Ugandan with a diploma in water and sanitation engineering and willing to study degree in that field in your university. would i also be enrolled and if yes, i don\’t have money that can afford, will i be among the the 100% sponsored and facilitated at you university. thanks for accepting my request as you sponsor me 100%

  17. Hi! I am really interested in studying Agricultural Sector at Masters Level knowing that I am graduated in Agricultural engineering, reason why I would like to continue in the same career.
    Then, I need a help to afford free scholarship allowing me to pursue my studies.
    I thank you in advance.

  18. Good day please I need a scholarship to study law aboard please any country you give me I will be happy to study their thanks

  19. Hey Barry!
    Good to hear from you!
    However, I would like to know the whole process about the scholarship.
    And how long will it take? Because I really want to start fresh in 2019.
    I would be very please to if you don\’t mind.
    Many thanks!

  20. Am a graduate in clinical medicine,am in need of a free scholarship to further my studies in surgery medicine or general medicine

  21. Hello ,
    I am from Jamaica a recent graduate . I am really interesting in this program because my aim is to pursue a degree in medicines .Things and times out here in Jamaica are very hard so financially I don\’t know where I stand but getting such an opportunity to win this scholarship would mean a lot to me Please help me turn such dream into reality .

  22. Hi,

    I\’m Clotilda Claudia Harry from the Solomon Islands.Need scholarship to study leadership and management/Human Resources management and councelling .
    Thank you for your considerations.

  23. I whish to study computer science or software engineering in your school of study.
    l am ooking fowrad for your great help

  24. I here for one or two question of which who can you put on your shortlist scholarship , is it those who are doing business management courses or other ones to your education stand.

  25. Hello, Please can this scholarship be transferred to another graduate school that I already enrolled in? Thanks

  26. I need this Scholarship to study Biomedical Science. fanancial condition is very bad please can you help me

  27. Am actually interested,i please need this scholarship to study Design,Architecture and Building.
    Am looking forward expecting positive results from you.
    Thank you.

  28. Pls am looking for a scholarship want to study mass communication in any good university in world. thanks

  29. My name is Ms. Clotilda Claudia Harry from the Solomon islands.Please I need to Scholaship to do bachelors of Business, leadership and people management studies.

    please help me study abroad in Geneva EU Business school or country of your choice and university.

    thank you very much.

  30. Hi,

    My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry from Solomon islands.

    Need Scholaship to do postgraduate Diploma to masters degrees in leadership and management.
    completed postgraduate certificate in leadership and management at Queensland Tafe, Australia in January 2019.

    Please help me.

    Thank you very much.

  31. It\’s great 4 youths like us to get great opportunitis like this so I would like to join your scholarship would of great opportunity

  32. I\’m thankful for informations and I really need this scholaship to study bachelors to masters in leadership and management and Business.

    please assist me in facilitating this Scholaship for me to further my studies.

    Thank you very much.

    Ms. Clotilda Claudia Harry from the Commondwealth of Solomon Islands.

  33. i just discovered this opportunity online. and i think that the time has already expired. so i think that i can not do anything about it now. if i may asked. when will the next round of scholarship opportunity come by? i really want to take advantage of this. i need higher education to contribution to my country and the world at large.

  34. i just discovered this opportunity online. and i think that the time has already expired. so i think that i can not do anything about it now. if i may asked. when will the next round of scholarship opportunity come by? i really want to take advantage of this. i need higher education to contribution my quota to the development of my country and the world at large.

  35. I really need this Scholaship to do Bachelors in leadership and management, Computing, communications and Information Technology.

    Please consider me.

    thank you very much.

  36. Mostly a graduate diploma in communications, informations and Technology together with graduate diploma in leadership and management would be best for me.

    thank you very much.

  37. Am hangandu choolwe from Zambia and I really need a 100% scholarship in the field of clinical medicine

  38. Hello! I have a BSc Degree in Computer Science and Information Technology. How can I apply for your scholarship in any related profession ? pls help me!

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