£28,750 Wolfson Annual Scholarship for Postgraduate Degree – UK, 2019

Students applying for graduate programs in Humanities at the University of Warwick can obtain the Wolfson Scholarship, which consists of £ 28,750 for tuition fees and an annual sum of £ 24,403 for education and living costs. To be eligible, students must apply for a full-time or part-time graduate degree program in Languages, History or Literature and must be from the United Kingdom or the EU. If you are interested in this scholarship, you can find more information on this link.

The University of Warwick seems to be a good place to study humanities, since it is not the only scholarship for students interested in this domain. Another scholarship available to graduate students at the University of Warwick is Midlands4Cities AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council).

The scholarship is awarded to students from the United Kingdom and the European Union and covers tuition fees for the 3.5 years of the study program. Applicants from the United Kingdom will also receive an amount for studies and living costs. The scholarship will be offered to the best candidates selected through a rigorous academic competence. In addition to funding, the scholarship also offers training and support to develop the best academic and research skills.

The application process is open on October 8, 2018 and the deadline is January 14, 2019. Candidates are encouraged to begin their application early, as the process has several stages. One of the stages is to find two supervisors professors for the doctoral project. Candidates are encouraged to start looking for one in October-November. You can read more about the scholarship on the university’s website.

If a doctorate is not what you are looking for and you are more interested in obtaining a master’s or bachelor’s degree, you can get more information about college education online. Obtaining a college education online is not that unusual today, as more and more students from around the world enroll and graduate from online schools. There are many online schools available, open to international students and offering a wide variety of degree programs and areas of study. When you think about obtaining a university education online, an important aspect that you must take into account is the accreditation of the university to which you are applying. The accredited online universities are the recommended option because they guarantee that the diploma that you will obtain will be valuable in the labor market and is recognized by other universities.

Regardless of the type of college education you choose, online or traditional, make sure you get all the information you need about its advantages and disadvantages.

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65 thoughts on “£28,750 Wolfson Annual Scholarship for Postgraduate Degree – UK, 2019

  1. Hello. I am Sudanese and my speciality is English language (obtained bachelor_first class). Can I apply for these scholarships?

  2. I am Alier Ajak Garang and I am South Sudanese by nationality. I am going to graduate in December this year in Bachelor\’s of Commerce (Business Administration option) I am really in need of scholarship for further studies.

  3. I would love to have a scholarship i want to furthet my studies for a masters degree in project planning and planning or public health .I have a bachelor\’s degree

  4. am seeking for the sponsorship I am a second year student studying Environmental Health now my challenge is that am unable to pay for my school fees due to my parents situation.they are unemployed they are just labourers

  5. Please my name is Buro Mogtar a high school graduate. I always had admission to the universities but I can\’t pay the fees in order to further my education. Can I apply for this scholarship to study undergraduate program (BBA -Accounting)

  6. Je suis un djiboutien je m\’appele khalid je suis trop interssé de trouvé une bourse d\’etude en UK pour continuer mes etude superieure🙏

  7. hello!help me to get how to apply,i have got my bachelors degree in political administration sciences from Rwanda and i need masters abroad in public administration,plz guide me to get full schoraship,thanks.

  8. chambang wuor from Ethiopia and I want to further my study abroad. I have B.A in Geography and Environmental Studies and wish to continues my education in the field Food Security and Livelihood

  9. i would to take this opportunity to thank you so much for availing this scholarship program.
    i am Alier john panchol from the livingstone international university pursuing bachelor degree in business administration and at the same time the guild president of the university.
    i am a south Sudanese by nationality. to request you kindly to consider me for this scholarship the pursue my master.

  10. My name is Yenesew Mekonnen Hiruy from ethiopia. I am interesting in your university to study humanities. I have BA degree in economics and now i am studying global value chain in University of international business and economics in China -Beijing.

  11. I\’m Yona Chimwandere from Malawi , would like to study humanities at this institution! Would you consider me please

  12. My name is Salimata Sangare I am Malian and my specialty is agri-food biology. I would like to continue my studies in your university.

  13. Hello..its Asma from Pakistan..plz let me know about the scholrship.im mastrs degree holder in Sociology from a pakistani University.want to study further.but have no idea what to do now..plz reply me.

  14. Good morning i was always trying to follow you on your email adress but yet i didn\’t even heard anything from you i really in need of your help pls

  15. Hello, I\’m a Humanity Student from the University of Papua New Guinea, majoring in Linguistics and Modern Languages and Journalism. I am really interested in this scholarship program to further my studies in UK. Is there any way I can be helped?
    Kind Regards
    Miss Flora

  16. Hello to the administrator of this committee, I am JRuss Marsah I am a young Liberian, a high school graduate and highly in need of help through scholarship to continue my education, please help me in the process these are my information: cell# 00231777140771 or 00231880673138 and my email address is:jrussmarsah993@gmail.com

  17. Hello I am computer science student and I am really interested in this scholarship. Can you please find a way for me to have this golden chance?
    Thank you.

  18. Am Kutin Simon Sibit, a high school graduate and would highly need your help..I did my high school in a Camp school and i have no other means to further my studies.. Your kind help will be a degree to me.. Find me on this +254746677207

  19. I just wrote my A\’level this year, 2018 and very much in need of financial to study a degree a next year, would greatly appreciate the offer

  20. l have completed university in 2015 and lam very interested to learn a broad,l will a appreciate if my dream come true


  22. I am a Sri Lankan,second year international medical student currently at UK university and looking for some kind of financial assistance/scholarship in order to continue my studies in UK. I have an outstanding academic records throughout with extra curricular activities.
    Grateful if you could let me know any kind of assistance. Thank you in advance. Look forward to hearing form you.

  23. My Name is Ashenafi Gebre, I\’m from Ethiopia, I have a Bachelor Degree of art in Psychology, and i want to scholarship chances, if you can pleas give this great chance for me…!

  24. I am kadiri Gedel Ali. I\’m from Ghana and in possession of bachelor of science in marketing. I really need this scholarship. I will be grateful if you give me the opportunity to further my studies. Hope to hear from you.

  25. My name is TENZING BHUTIA . I am from South-East Part of Asian country called NEPAL.
    And i am looking for FREE scholarship .

  26. Sir,

    Please offer me a Scholaship to do postgraduate Diploma to ,asters degree in leadership and management at University.


  27. Am Miriam Nyakado from Kenya a student at The University of Nairobi,studying as a psychologist,am seeking for a scholarship for my master\’s Degree in psychology. This chance can be a step towards achieving my dream.May God intervene in my favour.
    Thank you

  28. Am Ayoo judith from northern Uganda I wish to study from my Country Uganda if granted the scholarship.Thanks.

  29. my name is Dinberu Teshome from Ethiopia i need scholarship.currently am learning MA program in social Anthropology.

  30. I am from Ethiopia by nationality ,i am a holder of BA degree in economics and MBA in business administration so now i would like to apply for further education

  31. I am from Ethiopia by nationality I am holder of Bsc. degree in electrical and computer engineering(power)stream so i would like to apply for further education please is there any one who can help me how to apply??

  32. Hey, I\’m from South Africa i would be honored for this chance for the scholarship. I am currently matriculatng in ML Sultan (PMB) Secondary School. I am very much interested in architecture. …

  33. Hello,am Jennifer from Uganda would love to continue with my studies given this chance pursuing bachelor\’s degree in business administration

  34. I am Isaac Chilimbira Dama from Malawi. I will complete my Bachelors degree in December this year. Thereafter, I would like to do my masters degree in Education. I would like to seek scholarships for the same.

  35. I\’m Kumba sanyang from the Gambia I graduated year 2015 I was studying Human resources management, Business communication, business administration, business law, English language and information technology. I further my education in Nursing please help me with the scholarship

  36. I am Pankaj Regmi from Nepal. Completed MA in population Studies in distinction position. I am looking for scholarship for my further studies either in M. Phill or PHD. Could you assist me in this matter.

  37. i am very excited to get this scholar ship. but am not fully aw aired about the payment and how to proceed.

  38. Please help me I want to study Medicine,Psychiatry,abroad but I have no one to support me financial,
    I have studied mental health nursing.

  39. I wish to sturdy medicine at the Atlantic international university but lack financial means. I will be so glad to get financial aid from you in order to pursue my dreams.

  40. I am a Cameroonian wishing to sturdy abroad but need financial aid. I am wishing for a medical studies abroad at the Atlantic international university\’. I have completed my college and I am a GCE advanced level holder.

  41. I\’m from Burundi my name is NDIKUMANA Ismael , I\’d like to ask you help me a scholarship. I want to study IT, please help me.

  42. Dearly scholarship workers
    I am from Ethiopia. I am graduated in Bachelor degree in social work( BSW). I want to do MA if you accept my application. please help me I want to study there.

  43. Hello,
    Im searching for a scholarship to fund my degree. I cant further my studies due to tuition fee problem

  44. Hi ,

    Interested in studying Postgraduate Diploma in MSC Leadership and management. in University in South wales or Melbourne University( Graduate Diploma in leadership and management.

    please help me and facilitate me a scholaship.


  45. Hi, I am a Fijian national.and holds a Masters in Education Leadership and would like to apply for this scholarship to pursue my PhD Studies.Please kindly assist.

  46. my name is NICOLLETTE ADISA from Kenya and studying for a degree in psychology at Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya. I would to be sponsored for masters in this field and thank you

  47. Bonsoir ! Je m\’appelle kourouma Ansoumane étudiant en géo-mine licence 1 à l\’Université Ahmadou Dieng de Conakry ( Guinée ) .j\’ai vraiment envie de suivre mes études dans l\’une des plus grande universités du monde . merci

  48. Bonsoir ! Je suis un jeune étudiant de la licence 1 en geo-mine , je suis a la recherche d\’une bourse d\’étude universitaire pour suivre ma formation dans une des meilleurs universités . votre aides me serais beaucoup redevable . merci

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