$ 500 Scholarship for Photoshop Pro

While online colleges are the cheapest alternatives when it comes to getting a higher education these days, there are still many costs involved.

In fact, in some cases, by enrolling in an online school you will find that the costs may be lower than in the case of traditional degrees. But on average, the rates do not differ much. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to save some money if you choose the option to attend a school online.

In the case of online universities, you will not have to spend additional funds to rent a new place near the campus or spend cash on daily trips. Instead, you can use all that money to pay your school fees online.

And if you want to make sure, opt for the least expensive option, you should consider enrolling with an online associate’s degree. An online associate degree is actually the most economical way to obtain a higher education. It takes only two years to complete and, obviously, its price is much lower than in a traditional degree program.

In some cases, students can graduate from an online associate degree much faster. For example, some programs take only about 16 months to complete. But keep in mind that only selected online universities offer this type of option, it is not a standard.

Anyway, while an associate program may be the cheapest way to obtain a higher education degree, some students may find that they still cannot afford one. It’s understandable, and you should not panic if that’s the case you’re in.

Instead, you should start looking for scholarships immediately. Students from online universities are as eligible as traditional students to apply for funding. The first step would be to ask at the school of your choice and see if they offer any of these scholarships.

If they do not, start searching online. The Internet is the largest database of funding programs, and there is a good chance that you will find the right scholarships for you.

Take a look, for example, at the Pretty Photoshop Actions Scholarship Program, which is open to high school seniors looking to go to college or for those already in college.

To apply, candidates are asked to compose an essay with the style of Adobe Photoshop Tutorial. The document should have between 800 and 1,000 words and is expected to be based on one of the five questions available on the scholarship website.

For example, you might try to answer this question: “How Photoshop has changed the photograph”.

Therefore, if you know your way through Photoshop, we invite you to send your request. The winning essay will receive a $ 500 scholarship to cover their college expenses.

You should know that the program is biannual, which means you have two deadlines per year. One is scheduled for October 15, while the second is April 15. Therefore, if you do not do the first, you can always do the second.

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39 thoughts on “$ 500 Scholarship for Photoshop Pro

  1. I\’m Mambou Tajo Adel i really need this scholarship because I\’m able and I know I can offer you guys all what is expected from me

  2. This is Martha Gabrail from Ethiopia I have BSC degree in midwifery I really interested for this scholars so please contact me

  3. hello iam ojade Isaac from Uganda I hold a degree in procurement and logistics management, I really need to advance my career

  4. He I am nasrin keshwani from rwannda and i wish u reward me with that scholarship
    And I have my certificate n computer application and software development

  5. This is Anyango Susan from Uganda I have a diploma in Secretarial and information Management and I would like to pursue a degree in Public Administration so please help me out. God bless you.

  6. Am Mushaija Moses from uganda
    I real beg you to offer me a chance to persue my bachelors abroad in mechanical engineering.
    May the God above bless the work of your hands
    Thank you

  7. I am nouha from Tunisia
    I would love to continue my studies abroad and your scholarship will help me a lot in achieving my dreams of studying medicine and graduate
    I hope that you will offer me this opportunity so I can show you what I am able of

  8. Dear sir,
    My name is surafel I am from Ethiopia i have Bsc in mechanical engineering i want to learn abroad if possible please contact me on this address..

  9. Hello I\’m Reshane from Vanuatu , I\’m really interested for this scholars .I would love to continue my studies abroad and your scholarship will help me in achieving my dreams of studying Accounting. I hope that you will offer me this opportunity.
    Thank you so much <♡ Reshane

  10. Hi Ma\’am /Sir my name is Alea Myka Traje I\’m not to smart but I can do my best to prove to you that I\’m worth it. I hope you can give me an opportunity to this program than you. 💛

  11. Hi Ma\\’am /Sir my name is Alea Myka Traje I\\’m not to smart but I can do my best to prove to you that I\\’m worth it. I hope you can give me an opportunity to this program thank you. 💛

  12. my name is Patrick T.Gibson from Liberia I will like to continue my study abroad. I have Bsc in medical laboratory, putting me on your scholarship will be a great help to me thanks.

  13. I need scholarship for my university i am doing bs in chemistry please give required scholarship for my study

  14. I really need this scholarship in order to pursue my education. please advise further the way forward.

  15. Hello, am Maxwell Rutto from Kenya. You said you can offer scholarships? Am interested. Am a college student, pursuing nursing. I\’ll be happy to be one of your beneficiaries.Thanks.

  16. hi I am Farzana kousar from Pakistan I have BscN now I want further study I am interested what,s your scholarship procedure please guide me

  17. I am Rabiu Danladi from Nigerian i have my first degree in B.Tech, Mgt information Technology and I would like to pursue my Masters in server security in any available University in the world so please help me out. God bless you.

  18. I\’m Ghamdan Mohmmed I\’m from Yemen I\’d like to get this scholarship and I\’m really intervening to study abroad and to leave at the same time new things about other countries and I have one goal in my life is to complete my education so please I need this scholarship please .finally thanks a bunch for your email

  19. really interested. I like to learn automobile engineering. Pl help me to find a way. thank you so much.

  20. Hallo U just want to find out how long the courses are and if at all you are by any chance have some thing in human resources magt I have done bachelor\’s but want to do masters in the same

  21. Dear sir,
    Am Sri Lankan female student currently following Aircraft Engineering higher diploma course at Cinec Campus Sri Lanka, I need to enter University for Engineering degree

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