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Students know that beside getting admitted to a college, finding financial support for it is the hardest problem. If you want to avoid a student loan, but you do not have the means to pay for your education, you must get familiar with scholarship applications. Scholarship applications can be the most complicated part of starting your high education. To make the scholarship applications successful, you must take into careful consideration the eligibility ans selection criteria. For instance, there are scholarships dedicated to students with excellent academic results (like Fulbright Scholarship or Rhodes Scholarship), while others are awarded based on financial need (like Ameobi Hardship Fund for International Students or Charles Wallace India Trust).


If traditional high education is not suited for you, you can always choose an online degree program. Distance learning education has become one normal aspect of today’s education, as online courses are increasing in popularity. Distance learning education is more affordable and makes room for more flexibility for students. They can choose when in the day to attend to online courses, when to work on their projects and sometimes, even when to take the exams. If you decide to pursue an online degree program, you must make sure you choose one offered by an accredited university. Online courses offered by accredited schools are guaranteed to be of high quality. Distance learning education is one popular choice among adult students, who already have a bachelor degree and are interested in getting an online masters degree. An online masters degree is perfect if you want to change your professional route or if you want to advance in your career. In technology and business administration, an online masters degree can bring a boost in one’s professional path.


Whatever online degree program you choose (bachelor’s, master’s or associate’s), make sure you use the opportunity to grow  professionally and personally.

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83 thoughts on “Free College Scholarships

  1. i have completed 3 years general nursing diploma and 1 year speciality in paediatric.. now i want to apply for bachelor degree
    will you grant my dream

  2. Hello I\’m Nguh Rachael kfukfu. A holder of bachelor\’s degree in educational psychology with second class honour upper division. A graduate from university of Buea Cameroon. Wish to gain a scholarship to further my master\’s program. Thanks

  3. hi I am nebyu hassen I have first degree in hydraulics and water resource engineering from Jimma university Ethiopia cgpa 3.23.I need to study masters degree in any related filed
    phone +251920961168

  4. Please help my daughter she is studying MBCHS at Texila American University in Zambia .I\’m struggling to pay the fees I need help please

  5. Am Asiimwe Steven from Uganda I only managed to finish a diploma in business administration from makerere University business school in Kampala and still have adream of continuing to adegree level by the help of asponser. Can I be helped? God bless you.

  6. please sir help me to get that opportunity of full funded scholarship for a bachelor degree because I don\’t have money to pay for it due to our family standard of living, I\’m waiting for your kindly response thank you

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  8. Hi, I am, Tukur umar ,a graduate Bachelor\’in science, Education geography, with First-class honors, in North west university kano ,I wish to further my masters degree in the related field of study ,to attained my esteemed goals in education excellence. hence in need

  9. I am a Sri Lankan,second year international medical student currently at UK university and looking for some kind of financial assistance/scholarship in order to continue my studies in UK. I have an outstanding academic records throughout with extra curricular activities.
    Grateful if you could let me know any kind of assistance. Thank you in advance. Look forward to hearing form you.

  10. Hi,
    I am a Kenyan citizen willing to join college for political science i do request a chance from you to pay for my college fees….

  11. I am a student in Uganda in my senior six vacation. I need a scholarship to the university. Hoping for a positive response towards you supporting my dream to be an engineer. Thanks

  12. I am a student from Rwanda in Africa. I dealt with mathematics ,chemistry and biology. I have got 73/73 in national examination last year(2018). I need a full scholarship in medicine or medical related courses like pharmacy, dental surgery, nursing, laboratory, … Thanks for your support.

  13. I consider it an honour to qualify for this grant, to pursue a Master\’s degree programme in Urban and Regional Paning field, among many other options around the world… It is no small thing at all. With this opportunity, I hope to support and add value to my country Nigeria because I am a nation builder with good undergraduate qualification background, entreprenuership and leadership skills, with various volunteery community sevirces and projects with graphical proofs.
    It would be an amazing priveledge to receive your mails with positive response. Thank you.

  14. I really need this scholarship badly, and I will be so happy if am giving a chance to have this scholarship.

  15. Please I\’ve been accepted for the scholarship but I have not got the form to fill so I\’m asking how can I get the forms

  16. I \’ll interested in this but there are no
    Any more information about how to
    Register & such other criteria.

  17. Hello I’m INNOCENT SHUMBUSHO. A holder of bachelor’s degree in education with second class honor upper division. A graduate from university of Kibungo(UNIK). I Wish to gain a scholarship to further my master\’s program. Thanks

  18. I really a Scholaship to do masters on people continues performance and postgraduate diploma in leadership and management abroad..

    Thank you very much.

  19. Hello dear sir/madam.
    Hope to be fine and happy.
    Could you possibly tell that this scholarship belong to which country?
    And what is it\’s tuition?
    I really need for a good scholarship for my bachelor degree.

  20. Hi dear sir/madam I really thanks for this chance
    So may I know which country you selected me to go

  21. I\’m very interested to do Bachelors in Leadership and management, bachelor in Commerce or Postgraduate diploma in Advanced leadership and management course at the Queensland Tafe, G coast Campus, Brisbane in Australia and then to Griffith University the following year to do postgraduate studies/MBA

    How can I apply for this Scholaship?

    thank you very much.

  22. I have finished my BBA, 6 month but before. So, I would like to pursue master one of the related field of business. As my financial condition is worse, i am really interested in this scholarship scheme. Please help me to get full scholarship. Thank you, hope to hear your response.

  23. I will be glad benefiting from the scholarship because I really struggled as self finance student during my undergraduate degree program in university of Lagos Nigeria.

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