$ 5,000 Visual and Performing Arts Foreign Scholarships in Australia

As an artist, college education may not be feasible to you but if you out your mind in going to higher school or online schools, you will certainly get admission to finesse your art skills. Whether full time or part time degree program, you will get it at online schools offering a place of admission for arts students.

It is unfortunate that we have students who have exemplary talent and abilities but cannot continue with their university education. These are students who have a passion for the performing or visual arts, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, design, photography, film or architecture, but do not have the money to pay for a degree or any of the programs of degree. However, for several years, there are many universities, organizations and institutions that have been offering scholarships for degree programs for talented students who need financial assistance for their college education. However, deciding what scholarship grant we should consider can be difficult, since the requirements and amount vary.

Fortunately, with the help of Augustana Alumni, university friends, foundations and corporations, the University of Augustana was able to offer around 21 scholarships. This helps students increase their chances of being eligible for at least one of the scholarships. Fortunately, one of the scholarships of the Augustana University is focused especially on the students who study a degree in Liberal Arts. The scholarship is called a scenic and visual arts scholarship. The availability of this scholarship is based on the student’s performance, potential or portfolio during the application, audition or interview.

The grant is from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000 per year and is renewable. The general requirement is to complete the application form for admission and scholarship, which is the first requirement for all scholarships. In addition, students must also complete the Online Scholarship Application for visual arts and shows. Applicants also have to wait until there is an admission offer from the University of Augustana before the Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship is awarded. The university assists students with tuition fees, boarding or university property accommodation and other fees involved. To maintain the eligibility of the scholarship, the student must be willing to enroll for a full time degree program and must make sure to maintain a good academic position every year. The expiration date for the acceptance of the university is February 1, as well as the expiration date for the hearing.

In addition to the Visual Arts and Interpretation Scholarship, there is another grant that the University of Augustana has to offer, such as the Alumni Legacy Award, which offers a $ 1000 renewable scholarship and the family tuition scholarship that offers a $ 500 scholarship Other scholarships are available to transfer students, international students, students with financial needs and those with an ethnic background. Visit their website for the application and other information about scholarships.

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  1. I am from Ethiopia and very interested for Master schoolarship by veterinary Medicine in any your country university

  2. Hi, my names are Musonda Aaron Kaoma, am a Zambian male citizen of 19years of age, a school leaver. please kindly assist me with further informations, I will be more glad

  3. Hi, I\’m Lisa Makanda a Zimbabwean citizen aged 18 . I\’m interested in Batchelor of Art scholarship (LAW). I\’m kindly asking for the 2020 vacancy

  4. Objet :Demande de bourse

    Madame, Monsieur,
    Je viens de décrocher mon baccalauréat série A4 cette année, avec la mention passable,et je souhaiterais poursuivre mes études au Canada mais la situation de mes permets pas.
      En effet, je demeure convaincu que ce pays dispose des moyens pédologiques, des cursus universitaires,mais surtout de la culture essentiels pour me permettre de cumuler les bagages nécessaires dans l\’accomplissement de mon objectif de carrière.
    Je compte pour cela intégrer l\’Université de Canada et y suivre leur cursus universitaires dans le domaine de Droit.
    Je vous prie donc pour cela de trouver joint à cette lettre de dossier complet requis pour une demande de bourse.

    Vous remerciant d\’avance pour l\’intérêt que vous porterez à mon dossier,je vous prie d\’agréer, Madame, Monsieur, mes salutations distinguées.

  5. Hi, everybody. My name is Norma Ruiz S. I´m from Nicaragua so, I´m very interesting in a Master schoolarship in Education. If you give me all information I´ll appreciate your help. Thanks.

    Best Regards.

    Lic. Norma Ruiz S.

  6. Bonjour moi c\’est Ousmane Tahir Chaibo de nationalité tchadienne, je souhaite obtenir une bourse d\’étude dans la spécialité de sciences humaines et sociales, Espérant une réponse favorable. Merci

  7. My names are IRADUKUNDA Janvier from Rwanda. my dream are to study in your university so if i get a chance to study in your university i will use that opportunity in a requred way by the university. my watsapl number is +250728103842. thank you so much.. waiting for your repply.

  8. I am writting a light theory based on particle with clear explanation.1st part is completed. To complete my 2nd part I need money. If any university offer me scholership i am ready learn online p.G course and complete my theory also. I am sure my concept would bring a glory to that university. THANKS.

  9. Hi, my name is Abubakar umar jamaare, i really need this scholarship, to join your university. I hope you will me. Thank you.

  10. Hi, my name is Abubakar umar jamaare, i really need this scholarship, to join your university. I hope you will help me. Thank you.

  11. my name is Aynadis Ababu Ferdawok from Ethiopia I have BSC in animal science and now i am very interested to do my msc please give me the chance in your university.

  12. Hello,
    My name is Julian Uwimana and I am a female Ugandan aged 25. I am a University graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Art and Industrial Design from Kyambogo University Uganda, However, my passion for visual Arts keeps growing day by day. I would wish to do my Masters Degree in the same field of Visual Arts specializing in Graphic Designing but I can\’t due to financial problems however it would be a pleasure if I got a scholarship in your University. Thank you

  13. Hy I\’m Samuel ,Kenyan recently high school leaver, I\’m really in search of a scholarship and I hope I get one

    Thanks everyone

  14. Hello I\’m by the names of Niwemwali i\’m a Rwandan citizen and i\’m interested in your schorlarship and would like to know how to apply for it.
    Best regards

  15. I need the online scholarship for performing act,I love acting and would love to acquire more knowledge but don\’t have the means

  16. I am a Sri Lankan,second year international medical student currently at UK university and looking for some kind of financial assistance/scholarship in order to continue my studies in UK. I have an outstanding academic records throughout with extra curricular activities.
    Grateful if you could let me know any kind of assistance. Thank you in advance. Look forward to hearing form you.

  17. Dear Sir/Madam
    Im kindly looking for a fully funded scholarship in Social Welfare for this year 2019. Your positive response will greatly be appreciated.


  18. kindly am really looking forward for full time scholarship or 100%in social welfare for this year.i will greatly appreciate.regards

  19. I\’m nigerian. I obtain degree in English Language. I will appreciate if assistance will be granted to further masters programme.

  20. Hello my name is Jennifer and I\’m looking for a scholarship to study bachelor\’s degree in physiotherapy. Please I\’m on a bad financial stage right now. I\’m living in Botswana right now

  21. Hello, my name is Philip. I got admission few weeks ago in France to study Msc. in Food and Agribusiness Management. I will be glad if you can be of help in financing my programe by way of scholarship. I am a Nigerian.

  22. kindly am really looking forward for full time scholarship or 100%in Medicine/Psychiatry for this year.
    I will greatly appreciate.regards

  23. I am a graduate student for the secondary school level I was hoping to counties for my education when i was completed secondary go to study for a bangladesh then unfortunately when i got to that i hearing my father is died
    after the death i haven\’t financial supporting of the parent I would like to Help me all of you thanks for whatsapp on +8801776549351

  24. hi my name is Afomiya. i am first year law student and i am looking for full scholarship i hope you can help me

  25. kindly request to be the scholarship. My name is Dinberu Yohannes, I am Ethiopian and I have bachelor degree in chemistry field. I am very interesting to get these opportunity. thank you in advance.

  26. I am Judith Gwrazimba. A girl aged 19 and I am kindly asking for a scholarship so as to continue with my education for 2020 as I am in my high school final year.

  27. I really need this opportunity but I am still undergoing a bachelor degree program , so please any information to help me out is appreciated about the procedure of applying to full free scholarships !

  28. Hey
    Am called Shayija Andrew am Rwandan I need a full scholarship to continue my studies and I have a hope .

  29. hello, am lynda from cameroon please grant me a scholarship in master program in law due to political crises in my country everythings are difficult too much financial problems am hopeless only you can give me hope to have a better future.THANKS

  30. Pliz I need yo assistance to a study I don\’t any money but I love studying.waiting for your reply .am Ugandan

  31. I am Rose Ruzabila, 58 years old from Tanzania Country; I need a scholarship to Study Bachelor Degree on Theology Christian College of Uganda. I have Admission letter invites me to Start this Year since May 2019, Please can you help me to fulfill of my this special need? Please! help me and God bless you. Sincerely, Rose Ruzabila

  32. I am male aged 28years from Zimbabwe. I am looking for a fully funded Masters degree in finance and investment or MBA in finance. May you kindly assist.

  33. My Name is Emmanuel Tengbeh, am from Sierra Leone and I will be very happy if I am granted the faithful scholarship in order to further my education.

  34. my name is teklay tewelemedhin kahsay.Iam from ethiopia. iI have bsc degree in applied biology but now i want to apply to your scholarships in msc applied micro biology.so,you can contact to my phone number or email.

  35. Hello my name is Helen Ayele from Ethiopia and I\\’m looking for a scholarship to study bachelor\\’s degree in Finance,. Please I\\’m on a bad financial stage right now. I\\’m living in Ethiopia right now
    My Tele No.is 251 916580971

  36. Hello my name isBiniyam Ayele from Ethiopia and I\\\\’m looking for a scholarship to study bachelor\\\\’s degree in Business,. Please I\\\\’m on a bad financial stage right now. I\\\\’m living in Ethiopia right now
    My Tele No.is 251 916580971

  37. My name is Adanu debash from Ethiopia and I am very interested for PhD full scholarship by agroeconomics or any related filed

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