The She Entrepreneurs Scholarship Program

Women education in this modern era is a delicate issue, which the world at large is picking interest in. In varying cultures and societies across the globe, women are being denied access to education because they feel the women should not be educated like the men, thus should be uneducated and remain submissive to the […]

Top Universities in Canadian Provinces – 2019

The QS made an evaluation of universities around the world and came up with the QS Top World Institutions in 2019. This list ranked three Canadian universities in top 50, up to ten more in top global 300 best institutions; all these were ranked based on factors which took into consideration, the ratings of the […]

Scholarships: How Do They Actually Work?

One of the most accessible and convenient ways for college students to pay for their degree program is via student grants and scholarships offered by academic institutions, religious organizations, companies, and the government. But most students who are recipients of one scholarship or the other don’t know how this scholarship thing works, and what stuffs […]

$6,000 Online Master of Arts in Education

The University of Exeter offers an online education program, for the students of the UE, UK and the Channel islands they offer a global excellence scholarship amounting up to 6,000$. The online education program will start on January 2019, all subject will be taught in the English language. The online course for the MA Education […]

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